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New Year Scheduling Preparatory Steps for the District Coordinator


Create New Year Master Schedule
Create New Year Student Master
Course Catalog
Graduation Template Editor
Load Student Course Requests
Master Schedule Editor
Obtain Feeder Students
Pattern Board Student Scheduler
Student Schedule Maintenance


This video will show you how to use the List feature in most of the programs below. The Alpha Recruit List is being used as an example in this video.

Using a List Program video

Audit Local Course Catalog
Audit Master Schedule to Courses
Audit Master Schedule Seats vs Requests
Audit Requests to Transcripts
Audit Request Validity
Core Course Balance Audit By Term
Course Credit Audit
Course Request List
Dual Enrolled Students
Group Teacher/Course Analysis
Print Alternate Class Rosters
Print Alternate of Alternate Rosters
Print Alternate Student Schedules
Print Class Rosters
Print Master Schedule w/Room
Print Student Request Forms
Print Student Schedules
Remote Sections List
Remote Student Schedule List
Requests with No Student Master Audit
Schedule Change Audit
Special Ed Students With No Schedules
Student Schedule Enrollment Date Audit
Students with No Schedules
Student/Teacher Ratio
Student Unscheduled Request Report
Teacher Schedule w/Squares By Transcript Group


Active Student Count By Period
Class Size Characteristics
CDF Course Count
Course Counts by Period
Course Counts by School
Ethnic/Gender By Teacher/Class
Master Schedule By Grade/Teacher
Remote Students by Site/Grade
Request Matrix
Section Breakdown
Teacher Class Period Breakdown
Teacher Count by Grade
Teacher Load by Period
Total Seat Count By Period
Vocational MFP Count


This video will show you how to use the Loader feature in most of the programs below. The Counselor Loader is being used as an example in this video.

Use Loader Programs video

Alternate Scheduler
Automatic Scheduler
Block Fast Loader
Change Homeroom Teachers
Course Request Fast Loader
Grade Type Loader
Honor Code Loader
Load Student Schedules
Move Scheduled Students
Schedule Date Fast Loader
Self Contained Scheduling
Setup and Load A/B Scheduling
Student Graduation Template Loader
Student Request Fast Loader
Team Scheduling Update Utility


New Year Scheduling Guides for 2223

Video: Homeroom Based Scheduling (2hrs)
  1. Click video link
  2. On left side of screen, enter password of "Jcampus123" in password field.
  3. Click "Ok" button to begin viewing.
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