New Year Scheduling Preparatory Steps for the District Coordinator

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Below is a listing of steps that a District Coordinator might want to review for the beginning of year Scheduling.

Sponsor Site will automatically roll over on March 1st if it has not already been manually done.
  1. Go to System / Entry / Sponsor Site Editor.
  2. In sponsor site editor, click the Action button, then select "Copy from current year to next year.
  3. Set the From and To years to copy, then click Ok. Let it work for a while.
  4. In next year Sponsor, check the various settings, and update as needed. Be sure to click the SAVE button.
  5. Update the dates for Grading Periods. There is a copy utility to push these dates to other school sites.
    • Save the updated grading period dates for the current site.
    • Go to Action, then select Copy to Other Sites...
    • Select the other sites, then select Copy Sites.

___Calendar Rollover

Calendar will automatically roll over on March 1st if it has not already been manually done.
  1. Go to System / Entry / Calendar Editor.
  2. Go to the current calendar in the current year.
  3. Review dates on the top of each school site. Adjust as needed, then click SAVE on each site.
  4. Click on the "Action" button and choose "Rollover Calendar".
    • Set the Current Year and New Year, and then click Begin.
    • On the pop up chart, Calendar 10 records on the top of the chart refer to the top portion of the calendar table. Calendar 20 records on the bottom of the chart refer to the bottom portion of the calendar table. Add checkmark to the information needed to rollover.
  5. Click Begin Rollover.
  6. When the school calendar dates are established by the district, come to this program to enter the dates for the new year calendar. When one school's calendar is set, copy the dates to the other schools.
    • At the calendar of the current school with correct dates for the next year, click Action, then Copy This Calendar Set.
    • Select the sites to copy to, then select the calendar records under the first one labeled (Header) 10.
    • Click the Copy button to copy the calendar records to the other school sites.

___Update Course Catalog

  1. If no course catalog changes are needed, skip this step.
  2. Go to Schedule / Entry / Course Catalog Maintenance.
  3. Any courses that need to be removed from future scheduling can be made obsolete by clicking in the Honor field and adding O for "obsolete".
  4. Any new courses can be inserted by clicking in the first row and entering the details, then click the Save button.

___Set the “Next School” in Student Master (Optional)

  1. Go to Student Master / Loaders / Next School Loader
  2. If your district has a straightforward feeder school system and does not have complex feeder school needs, you may want to just skip this and go on to Create New Year Student Master below.
  3. If your district has complex feeder arrangements, consider using the Next School to help manage the movement of students.
  4. In the Next School Loader, for the highest grade at the school, set the school where the students will go next year.
  5. Note: If your district allows movement outside of the highest grade, the next school can be used for any grade level.
  6. Be sure to set a deadline to have this data in place, and check it, before doing Student Master Roll-up procedures. Continue to check it for each subsequent student master roll-up procedure.

___Copy Zones to next year if using DMS Maps (Optional)

  1. Go to System / DMS Maps. Pull up current year zones and students.
  2. Click Copy at bottom. Set Copy From to Live for this year.
  3. Set Copy To to Live for next year, then click Ok.
  4. Give the program some time. When done, it will ask if you want to go to the newly copied data.
  5. Review the next year zones to make sure things copied correctly.

___Create New Year Student Master (student rollover)

  1. Go to Scheduling / Entry / Create New Year Student Master.
  2. Districts using Next School: Be sure to select to use the Next School option. This will cause the system to hunt for any student with the selected school, and present the students in a listing.
  3. Districts using Next School: The option for “Keep students at Rollup School….” will give the user the option to give priority to the Next School or the SBLC retention code.
  4. Districts using "District Mapping" school zones for rollover: Place a check for using the "DMS" option to roll students based on school zone.
  5. Can be done several times as needed to update the students.
  6. Be sure to run the Undo procedure when performing this step for repeated times later in the year.
  7. There are a large number of settings on this screen. If a school site, please be sure to consult with the District Coordinator for the best settings for your district.

___Obtain Feeder Students (Optional)

  1. Go to Schedule / Entry / Obtain Feeder Students.
  2. ***Not needed if your district uses the Next School or "District Mapping" as a means to rollover students. If this is your situation, skip to Create New Year Master Schedule.
  3. Can be done several times as need to update the students. Be sure to run the Undo procedure when performing this step later in the year.

___Create New Year Master Schedule

  1. Go to Schedule / Entry / Create New Year Master Schedule
  2. If you have a school that likes to enter master schedules from scratch, you don’t have to do this step.
  3. This step simply takes the master schedule for the current year and carries it up to the next with no students in the classes.

___Rollover Homeroom Blocks

  1. Go to Schedule / Loaders / Block Fast Loader / Action / Roll Current Year Blocks to New Year.
  2. Open Block Fast Loader in current year. Click Action button in upper right, then select Roll Current Year Blocks to New Year.
  3. Set "From Year" and "New Year". Select all school sites that use Homeroom Block Schedule loading.
  4. Click "Start Copying". This will copy current year blocks to new year for editing / verifying in new year.

___Staff Contract Rollover (staff rollover)

  1. Go to Human Resources / Entry / Rollover Contracts.
  2. Set the Year From and Year To. Select all sites, then click "Ok" button.
  3. A list of staff with current year contracts will be presented. Click the "Select All" box at the top left to select all employees. Select boxes will be selected by each employee. Click Rollover button at bottom of screen.
  4. Each selected employee will have created a contract for the next year.
  5. Important for staff leaving district employment: In HR Master, post Separation information, then also remove the next year contract in the Contract information of the employee.

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