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This program will provide a way for the user to move or copy scheduled students from one section to another section with the additional option to move Marking Period grades. You can also choose to move selected students in the sections and not the whole class.

Video How-to

Move Scheduled Students video

Menu Location

Scheduling > Loaders > Move Scheduled Students

Setup Options


Year - Defaults to the current year. A prior year may be accessed by clicking in the field and making the appropriate selection from the drop down list.

District - Default value is based on the user's security settings. It will be limited to their district only.

School - Default value is based on the user's security settings. If the user is assigned to a school, the school default value will be their school site code.

Master Schedule Grades - Select Master Schedule grade levels to process.

Select Custom Codes - Select the custom codes created in the Custom Codes Management to filter the student list.

As of Date - This choice will list only those students who are actively enrolled as of the date selected in the date field.

Sched Start Date - Select the date the schedule change is to start.

OK - Click to continue.

To find definitions for standard setup values, follow this link: Standard Setup Options.

A split screen will be displayed. On the left, pick the class to move or copy students FROM. On the right, pick the class to move or copy the students TO.



Column Headers

*Note - Column Headers on both sides of the screen are the same.

Check box column - Used to select the section which students are moving from (left side) and the section to which students are moving (right side)

Staff/Employee/Teacher/Substitute Teacher Name - Student's/employee's full name

Course Name/Course Code - Name(s)/Codes(s) of the course(s) in which the student is enrolled or as listed in the Master Schedule or Course Catalog

Section - section number of courses/subjects as generated from the Master Schedule Editor

Sem 1-Sem 4 - semester, Ex: 1st semester, 2nd semester, etc.

PD - class period(s) of the course(s) in which the student is enrolled

Room - room number of teacher/student

Grade, Grd - grade level of the student and/or course

MAX - Maximum number of students allowed

C1 through C4 - Count of students in the class by semester; C1: semester 1, C2: semester 2, etc.

School/Site - site code of the school in which the student/employee is enrolled/works

District (Dist) - district in which the student is enrolled

RSCH - School where teacher is assigned

RDIST - District where teacher is assigned

REM - Indicator that course is being offered to other schools remotely

RECNUM - Record number

To find definitions of commonly used column headers, follow this link: Common Column Headers.

Bottom Menu

Move scheduled bottom.png

Move Students - This will display a screen to process the details of the move. See the How-To Process below.

Init - Click initialize the master schedule counts.

Setup - Click to go back to the Setup box.

Help - Click to view written instructions and/or videos.


Process for Moving Scheduled Students

Scheduling Main Page

JCampus Main Page

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