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These are the most commonly used "Column Headers" displayed in reports.

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Address Line 1 and 2 - The student's/employee's street address
Age - Age of the student/employee
Apt/Rm # - The student's/employee's apartment/room number
Advisor - Name of the advisor to which the student has been assigned
Average - Average of the assignment grades in the gradebook (formerly "Final" in the gradebook)
Birth date/DOB - Date of birth of the student/employee
City - City in which the person resides
Class Code - Section number of courses/subjects
CP - Class Period
Counselor - Name of the counselor to which the student has been assigned
Course Name/Course Code - Name(s)/Codes(s) of the course(s) in which the student is enrolled or as listed in the Master Schedule or Course Catalog
Student ID - Student's identification number
Except - Special Education exceptionality
Exit Code - Code that describes the reason a student exited your school
G1, G2, etc. - Grading Periods
District (Dist) - District in which the student is enrolled
Email Address - Email address of the student/employee
Entry Code - Code that describes the student's previous enrollment except for code E1 which is original enrollment; E1 is limited to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students enrolling on the first day of school
Entry Date, EDate - Date student enrolled in school/district
Ethnic, Eth - Primary ethnicity of the student/employee
Exit Date - Date student dropped from your school
First Name/FName - First name of the student/employee
504 - 504 Students
Gender, Gen - Gender of the student/employee
Grade, Grd - Grade level of the student and/or course
Homeroom - Student's homeroom
Last Name/LName - Last name of the student/employee
Homeroom - Student's homeroom teacher
Leave Code - Code describing where a student is transferring
Leave Date - Date the student transfers to another school/district; this can also be a program completer indicator
Lunch Code - Indicator of student's lunch status
Middle Name/MName - Middle name of the student/employee
Period - Class period(s) of the course(s) in which the student is enrolled
PTD - Period to date, period is determined by the to and from dates in the set up box
Phone Number - The student's/employee's phone number
Room - Room number of teacher/student
SA SID - State assigned secure student identification number
School/Site - Site code of the school in which the student/employee is enrolled/works
School Name - Name of the school in which the student is enrolled
Section - Section number of courses/subjects as generated from the Master Schedule Editor
Sel - Select
Sem, S1, S2, etc. - Semester, Ex: 1st semester, 2nd semester
SASID, StateID - State Assigned Student Identification Number
Sidno, ID - Local ID of the student/Teacher/Substitute Teacher
SIS Sch - School assignment for SIS submission purposes
Sped - Special Education students
    • Health Button - If the SPED button is in Red, there is now a SE Code under the PE Code.
SSN - Student/Teacher/Employee's social security number
Staff ID/SID/ID - Identification number of the staff
State - State in which the student/employee resides
Student/Staff/Employee/Teacher/Substitute Teacher Name - Student's/employee's full name
Student Email - Student's email address
Subject - Another name for course or transcript group
Suffix - The generation indicator for males such as Jr., II, III.
Teacher - Name of the teacher of the course in which the student is enrolled
Team - Team to which the student has been assigned if the school is using the team scheduling method
Total - Sum of counts in each cell on each row of information or sum of counts in each cell in each column of information
YTD - Year to date, time span is determined by the first day of school and the last day of school as set up in the sponsor site
Zip - Postal zip code associated with the student's/employee's address
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