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To get a list of students

  1. Click on the Student button at the bottom of the screen to get a complete list of the schools students.
  2. Click on the Homeroom button to get a list of Homeroom teachers. Select a Homeroom teacher to get their list of students on the screen.
  3. Click on the Class button to get the Master Schedule. Select a class to get a list of students in that class on the screen.
  4. Click on the Bus button and a popup box will appear. Then select the a bus for a list of students.
  5. Click on the Sport/Club button for a list of clubs and a list of sports in which the students are active in.
  6. Click on the Special Code button and a popup box will appear. Then select the code for a list of students.

To Post Attendance

  1. Locate the Out column.
  2. Find the student that needs to check out and click in the cell to the right of the student’s name in the Out column.
  3. A list of attendance reasons will appear. Select the appropriate reason for the checkout.
  4. If the student has a health code or an alert code/comments, then the demographic page will appear to notify you.
  5. If the checkout reason is a medical reason, an additional box will appear listing medical reasons. Find the medical reason that best fits the situation.
  6. To the left of the medical reasons are check boxes in columns labeled MI (Mild), MO (Moderate), and SE (Severe). Select the appropriate severity of the medical reason for the student’s checkout.

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